Worst Places to Drive in the World – Japan, Indonesia and Philippines Among them

Traffic sucks. There’s no getting around it –pun intended. But as bad as you think it is on your hometown roads, it could be a lot worse; you could be driving in Japan, Indonesia, South and Central America or the Philippines.

Waze, a popular navigation app, has crunched the data from 50 millions users around the world and come out with rankings that compare traffic, road quality/infrastructure, driver safety and a host of other things.

Granted, the data only covers 32 countries, but where is the fun in stories like this if you let bothersome facts like that get in the way? Onward!


The traffic in the Philippines was rated so poorly it scored LESS than “1”. Does that mean the cars are actually moving backwards?

Based on the Global Driver Satisfaction Index (that certainly sounds official!) A score of 10 means it’s a great place to drive while a 1 means it really sucks.

The traffic in the Philippines was rated so poorly it actually scored LESS than “1” at .04. Does that mean the cars are actually moving backwards

“Waze users take the time to self-report their moods as well as quantitative factors such as accidents, potholes and more,” the company said in a release. “Input from 50 million everyday commuters tells quite a compelling story.”


Indeed. We ran it. Here are the graphs you’re looking for –but keep your eyes on the road.

Worst traffic in the world

In terms of the overall satisfaction index –which measures a combination if things including traffic, driver services, road conditions, etc., the Netherlands scored the top spot in the world to drive –with a ranking of 7.9.

Worst places to drive in the world

Worst Cities to Drive?

  1. San Salvador, El Salvador (2.1)
  2. Cali, Colombia (2.6)
  3. Medellin, Colombia (2.7)
  4. Denpasar, Indonesia (2.8)
  5. Guatemala City, Guatemala (3)
  6. Bandung, Indonesia (3)
  7. Bucaramanga, Colombia (3.1)
  8. Caracas, Venezuela (3.1)
  9. Bogor, Indonesia (3.1)
  10. Bogota, Colombia (3.4)



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