It’s World Emoji Day – Here are the Most Popular of the 5 Billion Sent Daily Through Facebook

For those of you not in the know, July 17 is the 4-annual World Emoji Day –a celebration (of sorts) for the popular form of communication when words just won’t do or you’re simply too lazy to type your feelings out.

In commemoration of the event, Facebook, which is reportedly responsible for 60 million emojis every day, has released a tally of which emojis are used most around the world. That 60 million is excluding the five billion used on Messenger every day –yes, you read that right, five billion.

The LOL emoji with tears of laughter is the most widely used –followed by the love or heart-eyed emoji and the additionally ubiquitous kissing emoji.


Redefining communication

Some feel that the use of emoji mark the demise of the written word. However, experts say that they are actually enhancing people’s ability to fully express themselves in a world where communication increasingly replaces face-to-face interaction.

“Emoji is making us better communicators in the digital age,” said linguist Vyv Evans, author of The Emoji Code in an interview with USA Today. “Saying that emoji is a backward step would be like saying when you speak to someone you’re not allowed to make any facial expression.”


“One of the problems with digital communication, when it relies purely on text, is that this sucks out the empathy, the emotional expression, out of the communication. So it can lead to miscommunication,” Evans explained. “This is where emoji comes into its own. It puts the body language back in so people can better read emotional intent.”

As their popularity booms, big brands are now using emoji in advertising. Someone even put together an emoji dictionary, and “emoji translator” is reportedly now an actual job description out there in the working world.


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