‘Work Emails! Work Emails!’ Asana Wants to Help You Tame Your Little Monsters

There are few things more stressful than sitting at the bar after a hard day at work, enjoying a nice cocktail when suddenly some little red monster charges at you holding your laptop and its 612 incoming emails screaming “work emails! work emails!” Who needs that?

So it goes in a new 30-second spot from work management platform Asana and its creative partner Omelet in the company’s first major brand campaign since it went public in 2020.

“At some point, we’ve all had work worries—those annoying anxieties about work that distract us from family dinner time, a full night’s sleep or even that vacation we’ve been looking forward to for months,” said Matt Maynard, Asana global head of brand marketing said in a statement.


“They’re like the Sunday scaries, but they show up more than just one day a week. We want everyone to know it doesn’t have to be like that.”

The campaign is set to run in select markets with paid media and another spot under the same campaign will launch later this year.



Client: Asana
Agency: Omelet
Production Company: Skin and Bones (Canada)
Director: Edward Andrews
Animation: Mathematic (France)
Music: Walker
Sound Design: Lime
Media: Davis Elen
Editorial: Outsider