Stop Sexualizing Women in Advertisements Says Campaign

Advertising executive Madonna Badger is behind a new campaign urging advertisers to end their use of women as objects in their marketing material.

The campaign is called #WomenNotObjects and the accompanying video aims to get the message across as clearly as possible: women should not be used as hyper-sexualized props to push products.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Badger admits that during her advertising career she’s been a part of the problem –including the famed Calvin Klein ads with half naked Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss.

That’s all changed for her.

“I love my job,” Badger said, “but I don’t want to do it if it hurts anyone.”


Featured in the video is the controversial 2009 Burger King ad for Singapore. The ad showed a woman with her mouth open wide appearing ready to give oral sex to a BK Super Seven Incher with the caption reading, “It’ll blow your mind away.”

Five years later the woman in the ad, who also appears in the campaign video, came forth.

“Burger King found my photo online from a series I did of various facial expressions and contortion poses, and with no due regard to me as a person, profited off reducing me to an orifice for their penis sludge; publicly humiliating me in the process.”

Burger King Blow Job Ad


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