Without Manforce Condoms, “Who’s Your Daddy?” Will Mean Something Entirely Different

In an absurdly provocative spot, Manforce Condoms is calling on couples to bag it up or face the harsh realities that their dirty talk could be tamed by crying offspring. The ad kicks off Manforce’s second #BetterEndings campaign.

The overtly and purposefully cringeworthy one-minute film, which we highly recommend not watching with your parents nearby, shows a handsome young husband assisting his helpless and beautiful wife as she looks on longingly.

Every time he solves her problems, he flashes a smile and states, “Who’s your daddy?” This will of course lead to passionate sex. However, if you don’t use a condom, this will also lead to a crying baby nine months later and the expression “Who’s your daddy?” will take on all new meaning.


We can’t imagine the hilariously over-the-top Father’s Day spot would make it on TV somewhere like America.

“Keeping in mind the lockdown in the second COVID wave, we were still seeing a rise in quarantine babies. Based on our research and the current situation, we continued with our Season 2 of the campaign, keeping the core message intact. This is the best occasion to warn men against the fatherhood situation that they will land in if they do not use protection,” said Shradha Agarwal, COO and strategy head at Grapes Digital the agency behind the campaign.