Whirlpool Enters Vietnam Market With Campaign by MullenLowe Mishra

Whirlpool looks to capitalize on Vietnam’s high-growth home appliance market.




MullenLowe Mishra

Whirlpool, America’s #1 Home appliance brand, with over 110 years of history has made entered the Vietnam market. The brand’s Vietnam launch campaign “What’s more important?” takes the brand’s successful global brand essence and marries it with local insight in order to connect with modern Vietnamese millennial buyers.

MullenLowe Mishra conceived and created a launch campaign that taps key post-pandemic re-prioritization of consumer values and resultant reset of home as a hub and builds that as a bridge to Whirlpool’s unique 6th sense technology. Thus, making Whirlpool’s story more contemporary, relevant, and differentiated in comparison to its competitors in the market.

The home appliance market is a high-growth category in Vietnam, with its sizable population of nearly 100 million people, rapid urbanization, and unique middle-class growth story combined with low penetration of domestic home appliances.


This has made Vietnam an attractive destination for a host of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and European home appliance makers. and the market is seeing significant investments in its sales network, branding, and production bases.

Consumer research and insight mining done by MullenLowe Mishra singularly pointed to the market truth that Covid-19 is making millennial homemakers rethink what truly matters for them and how family wellbeing is centerstage. This discovery was woven into the campaign narrative to show what truly matters to the housewife/mom today and how Whirlpool can be her useful ally.


The initial launch media mix is a combination of digital iTVC, product-focused bumpers, Social, Fan page, PR, and content partnership.

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