What Are the Most Popular Promotional Items in Asia?

When it comes to the Asian promotional item industry, there are certain products that have a higher cachet than others. To help you get a grip on the industry, this guide has been created to outline five of the most popular promotional items in Asia. Read on now if you want to stand out amongst the crowd with five of the coolest promotional items around.

Trucker Hats

Trucker hats have come back in style in a big way in recent years – they shade you from the sun, cover your hair and show off your personality at the same time. Put back into the spotlight by the Trump campaign in the USA, they are no longer seen as items just for people driving trucks, but stylish accessories on their own. Custom trucker hats are a very smart way to promote your brand as people can see it directly on your hat.

Custom Face Masks

No matter how high or low the coronavirus case count might be in your country, it’s likely that there are very few places left in Asia where one isn’t required to wear a face mask in public. Don’t just wear a boring medical mask, however, but double it up with a cool cloth mask that shows off your favourite brand in style. While wearing a mask can be a bit uncomfortable, your cool custom logo can transform the way you wear it.


Stylish Phone Cases

We are all addicted to our phones. For example, in China, there are special walking lanes for people who want to be on their phones while they walk. If you are going to be on your phone all the time, it makes sense to have a promotional case that makes your phone truly stand out. There are two advantages of this: firstly, your phone is not going to be confused with anyone else’s. Secondly, you can stamp your personality on your phone, making it as an essential fashion item just like a handbag or good earrings.

Personalized Tote Bags

Tote bags are simple, functional and highly stylish, giving off a proper hipster-feel. Whether you are going to the food market, shopping with friends or even heading out to a bar, carrying a tote bag around allows you to store items for a relatively cheaper price than a traditional bag. Make sure to get a promotional brand on your tote bag that truly shows off your personality.

Work From Home Desk Accessories

Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that you might be working or studying from home at the moment. Make sure to kit out your desk in order to make it reflect who you are even when you are not in contact with any other people. Whether it’s a cool mouse mat, laptop sticker, or lamp, there are a whole host of ways to make your office feel like a proper office even when you are working from home.

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