‘Well, I Didn’t See This Coming’ – Campaign Brings Back the Dead from The Brokenwood Mysteries

Well, I didn't see this coming.


Partners Life


Special Group New Zealand

South Pacific Pictures

Special and Partners Life have teamed up to bring back to life characters from the popular TV show, The Brokenwood Mysteries. And the dead, at times, regret having not bought life insurance.

Following episode one, for example, before the credits rolled, the 30” spot aired featuring actress Meryl Main, who played Janis, the first murder victim of the series, comes back to life, staring up at the camera from a table in the morgue.

The campaign aims to address OECD findings that New Zealand is one of the most underinsured countries in the world when it comes to life insurance.


She addresses the obvious problem of her clothes missing, followed by expressing regret that she didn’t buy life insurance.


“Partners Life is always challenging industry norms and taking an innovative approach to everything it does – and its approach to advertising is no different,” said Lisa Fedyszyn, ECD at Special New Zealand.

“This is an idea that died and came back to life, about characters who die and come back to life, but it was important to find the right series to partner with.”

Naomi Ballantyne, Managing Director at Partners Life, added: “New Zealand is, unfortunately, one of the most under-insured countries in the world. We want to change that and help Kiwis to understand just how important life insurance is. We know there’s a lot of apathy when it comes to insurance, so were eager to ensure this campaign was one that stuck with audiences.


Client: Partners Life
Chief Executive Officer: Naomi Ballantyne
Chief Commercial Officer: Tony Arthur
Chief Marketing Officer: Kris Ballantyne
General Manager, Marketing: Tina Morgan
Sponsorships Manager: Mika Ballantyne
Marketing Specialist: Gerhard van Graan
Brand Co-ordinator: Sophie Broom

Creative Agency: Special Group New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Tony Bradbourne
Executive Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan McMahon
Copywriter Jack Gravatt
Art Director: Till Dittmers
Executive Producer: Sally Lankshear
Senior Producer: Casey King
Group Business Director: Hugo Parcell
Business Director: Hannah Ross
Chief Strategy Officer: Rory Gallery
Group Strategy Director: Nick Salter
Media Director: Briar Rowsell
Head of PR & Influence: Kelly Grindle

Production Company: South Pacific Pictures
Director: Mike Smith
Post Production: Images & Sound
Music & Sound House: Images & Sound

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