I ❤️ NY Gets an Update to WE ❤️ NYC in New Campaign

“This ‘We Love NYC’ campaign will help to capture that energy and preserve the city’s spirit by encouraging New Yorkers of every background to come together.”

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The iconic I ❤️ NY, launched in 1977 from the creative mind of late designer Milton Glaser, has been given a refresh swapping out the “I” for a “WE” and the “NY” for an “NYC” – all done up with a new font. Graham Clifford, who oversaw the look of the new logo, said the goal was to “give it more of a modern twist,” reports The New York Times,

According to the city, it’s part of a two-year grassroots civic campaign “to showcase the city’s historic vitality and cultural diversity and inspire New Yorkers in every community to get involved and keep the city the capital of the world.”

The We ❤️ NYC campaign, led by marketing executive Maryam Banikarim, Andrew Lerner, and their team at MaryamB, working with the ad agency Founders, Grain Group, and Graham Clifford, was kicked off by Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul on Monday with the goal of showcasing the city’s strengths.


“This ‘We Love NYC’ campaign will help to capture that energy and preserve the city’s spirit by encouraging New Yorkers of every background to come together, get involved and make a positive change in their community,” Governor Hochul said in a statement.

“The ‘We ❤️ NYC’ campaign asks everyone who loves the greatest city in the world to show it by lending a helping hand and spreading that love to every block across all five boroughs,” said Mayor Adams.

The multi-channel campaign which runs across all five boroughs of the city starts today.


The WE ❤️NYC campaign includes a range of OOH and digital OOH activations that includes digital screens inside major buildings and prime areas of the city such as Times Square, Madison Square Garden, and Yankee Stadium, amongst others.

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In addition to the OOH across the city will feature a series of posters created by artists from the international independent agency network by The Network. Each agency was invited to create a representation of what NYC means to them in a poster.

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From today, New York artists are invited to submit their posters here, according to the campaign

The iconic “I Love NY’ from Milton Glaser. According to reports, its presence will remain.

“Being able to work on a campaign for the most iconic city in the world is thrilling and I cannot be more proud that Founders is part of this historic moment,” said Tanya De Poli, Founder & COO at Founders.

“There was so much collaboration to bring this to life – from local NYers to global artists –  and to now see it all around NYC has been incredible to experience.”


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You can learn more about the campaign at www.welovenyc.nyc


Lead Creative Agency: Founders

Lead Campaign Consultant: MaryamB

Lead Media Agency: Grain Group

Client: Maryam Banikarim, Andrew Lerner, Debra Goetz

Founder & Chief Operating Officer: Tanya De Poli

Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Checha Agost Carreño

Creative Team: Katie Reid, Kristen Mizushima, Martin Alfred, Felipe Rostagnol, Angel Cedeño, Agustina Rodriguez, Camila Barrera, Shake Turton, Meghan Smart, Ezequiel Rivadeneira, Anibal La Torre.

Head of Production: Delfina Lamino

Head of Strategy: Alma Berruecos

Lead Project Manager: Emma Tonetti

Digital Strategist:Nahir Schumacher

Digital Project Manager: Agustina Matijas

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