Wavemaker Indonesia Appoints Emmanuel James Mangahas Partner in Client Leadership

Wavemaker Indonesia has appointed the former CEO of Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam, Emmanuel James Mangahas, as its new Partner in Client Leadership.

In his new role, he will be responsible for leading and managing the Danone account.

Since joining Hakuhodo in 2017, Mangahas built the digital team from scratch to 45, covering end-to-end in-house digital functions including accounts, creatives, digital media, social, and digital planning.


“Emmanuel is a strong leader who has wealth experience on the digital marketing,” said Amir Suherlan, Managing Director of Wavemaker Indonesia.  “He will lead the team and the client in navigating an even stronger digital transformation roadmap. Happy to have him in Wavemaker Indonesia”

Mangahas added: “I am truly excited to be in Indonesia and join the Wavemaker family. I can’t wait to work with our amazing team to deepen our partnership and create impactful work with our clients. There’s just so much opportunity for good work and positive provocations and I am very optimistic at what the future holds.”

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