Lustin Jedlica and Venus Angelic – Living Dolls Featured on My Strange Life

Taking personal branding to the absolute max.

This from the TLC blog:

[su_quote]Despite criticism and concern from their families and friends, Justin and Emily are committed to transforming their bodies into doll-like forms. Venus, who’s only 16, prides herself on a “dolly” appearance that comes naturally. Her mother works as her manager to promote Venus through photography, video and public appearances.[/su_quote]


Venus has gone the natural route, while Jason has, well, put some serious effort into his doll brand:

[su_quote]Justin does not work; rather, he earns money modeling and accepts plastic surgeries as gifts. He’s had 115 procedures, including bicep implants and rhinoplasty. Justin has toyed with the idea of permanent eyeliner, and he’s currently sculpting and building a custom six-pack implant. It will transform his body — if he can find a doctor willing to put the implant in. He calls his lifestyle the ultimate thrill, and he’s not sure he’ll ever be done changing his appearance to match the aesthetic perfection of a doll.[/su_quote]

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