Watch Kim Jong Un’s Historic Walk from North Korea into South Korea

Image handout from South Korean Government

A lot is at stake as the leaders of North and South Korea sit down to talk for the first time in more than a decade. The world sits back and waits to see how things play out between two nations that are technically still in a state of war and a bellwether for geopolitical relations in East Asia.

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One of the more interesting moments leading up to the talks was the historic entrance made by Kim Jong Un, walking across the 38th parallel that marks the Demilitarized Zone between the two nations.


This is the first time that a North Korean leader has crossed the iconic boundary into South Korean territory since fighting ended in the Korean War – more than half a century ago.

According to CNN, the awkward moment when Kim invites Moon to cross over into the North was unplanned. It added a nice touch to the historic occasion – showing that all rank and titles aside, these are just two men getting together for a talk, with hopes of finding peace and reconciliation.

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