WARC Identifies New Trends for Effective Marketing in Asia

    WARC releases Insights gleaned from the winners of the WARC Prize for Asian Strategy 2020.

    By The Staff - Oct 23, 2020
    WARC Identifies New Trends for Effective Marketing in Asia

    Image by Jahoo Clouseau via Pexels

    WARC has released its 2020 Asian Strategy Report, outlining new and successful marketing strategies in the region. The report is compiled following an analysis of the results of this year’s WARC Prize for Asian Strategy, which for the past ten years, has been awarding the smartest strategic ideas that are growing brands in Asia.

    “2020 has been challenging,” said Lucy Aitken, Managing Editor – Case Studies, WARC. “With consumer behavior changing so fast, the need to strategize for sustainable change has become a critical priority for marketers in Asia. “In this report, we’ve identified new and effective strategic approaches adopted by the winners of this year’s Prize, which can help advertisers to develop a strong framework for brand growth.”

    “Human behavior is changing quickly so, as a marketer, it’s important to stay humble and to be prepared to challenge your own thinking and assumptions,” said Jury chair Siew Ting Foo, Vice President & Global Head of Marketing Strategy & Planning, Print Category, HP.

    Key Takeaways

    • People are working and spending more time at home. Brand experiences must be built ‘from the home up’. Keep track of behavioral insights that can assist in this pivot. In doing so, consider triggering motivation as much as eliminating friction: effectiveness can be more easily achieved when both are combined.
    • The pandemic has prompted migration back to rural areas. There needs to be more focus on communicating with those communities, with emphasis on ‘building back better’ from the current crisis.
    • Asia’s agencies have an opportunity to be strategic advisors. Helping clients develop bold creative ideas that go beyond advertising and can achieve sustainable change at scale.
    • Customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex. They need rethinking to identify future brand growth, particularly in a more home-centric world.
    • Large parts of Asia rely on traditional media particularly in rural communities, partnerships, and word of mouth can be powerful ways to cut through.
    • Category twists can help differentiation in cluttered sectors but need to be executed in an authentic way to maintain consistency.
    • ‘Fresh consistency’ offers a way to integrate new components into brand strategy, while maintaining the tried-and-tested elements that build fame.
    • Despite the appeal of performance marketing, the balance between long- and short-term marketing still needs careful consideration to build brand equity.

    A sample of WARC’s 2020 Asian Strategy Report can be downloaded here.


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