Walch Delivers the Best New Years’ Gift, Good Hygiene

    Zoom calls and hygienic practices. It's all too real.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jan 12, 2021
    Walch Delivers the Best New Years’ Gift, Good Hygiene

    2020 was the year that hand sanitizer went mainstream. Walch, a hygiene and home care brand, has seen the light and jumped on board. In partnership with BBDO Singapore, the company has launched a new campaign to boost hygiene practices and bring Walch Speed Foaming Automatic Hand Wash into the homes of Singaporeans celebrating the Chinese New Year.

    This year has certainly been a year unlike any other. Weddings, birthdays, and even New Years’ celebrations have been relegated to the depths of zoom calls. Yet, gifts are still important and this year there’s no gift like clean hands. That’s the idea of the new spot from Walch.

    “We are delighted to be working with BBDO Singapore on such an important campaign”, said Alicia Liew, Head of SEA, Whealthfields Lohmann Singapore which owns the Walch brand.

    “With the Walch Chinese New Year 2021 campaign, we hope to make everyone excited to celebrate this occasion with their families and friends, even though we will be celebrating very differently, whether safely together in smaller groups or virtually online. We want to keep the tradition of gifting alive and inspire families to share Walch as the perfect gift of good health with their loved ones.”

    BBDO’s family Chinese New Year video call brings its slogan ‘Gift Health. Gift Wealth.’ to life. It’s something that is somehow incredibly relatable to us all.

    “Gifting in CNY is an important tradition,” said Guan Hin, Chief Creative Officer at BBDO Singapore. “Giving a gift in today’s context needs to be relevant and useful. Walch Speed Foaming Automatic Hand Wash might be an unexpected gift but it’s going to be the most meaningful gift of all.”

    BBDO Singapore and Whealthfields Lohmann launched the cross-channel campaign across the island with bus stop 6-sheets, MRT platform screen door, digital and social media as well as various point of sales assets in Singaporean supermarkets. It will be progressively rolled out until the end of February.


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