VW Beetle Gets a Fitting Tribute in New Ad for Volkswagen India

DDB Mudra has teamed up with Volkswagen India to make an incredibly fun piece of praise for one of the world’s most iconic brands, the VW Beetle.

As we’re walked through a rapid-fire stream of great shots, the narrator lays down some nice rhymes encapsulating decades of the Beetle experience.

Great fun this ad. Especially for those of us who owned a Beetle along the way –and are likely to watch it much more than just once.



“Throughout the 20th Century, the Beetle has earned itself a fanatical cult following which no other car can equal,” DDB Mudra Group says on their YouTube page.

“A symbol of style and nostalgia, the Beetle’s iconic looks have given it a storied history. No surprise then, that the car has a permanent place in pop culture, and most importantly in our hearts. And now, as the spanking new 21st century Beetle makes its way onto our roads, it’s time to rekindle the good old fun.”

You can see more at bookmybeetle.in



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