Voltaren Launches New Campaign in Collaboration with Western Sydney Wanderers

    Voltaren apparently cures the Grumps.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - May 13, 2021
    Voltaren Launches New Campaign in Collaboration with Western Sydney Wanderers

    GSK Voltaren, the Western Sydney Wanderers FC and creative production agency Chisel have teamed up to launch a new spot.

    Featuring a full-grown man who believes he still has the football skills he possessed when he was younger, yet is overcome by back pain and thus spirals into grumpiness, it’s a surprisingly relatable ad.

    When he announces his diagnosis with the grumps, he’s backed by Wanderers players James Troisi, Tate Russell and captain Dylan.

    “Remember, Grumps are people too.”

    Luckily his much more rational wife was there to recommend Voltaren. With that, her husband gets back to embarrassing her, just in much less pain.

    “Being a football tragic can be painful; whether it’s the team you support having a rough patch of form or your own physical soreness from the Saturday comp. The Wanderers are elite, super-fit athletes, and we didn’t want to show them with muscle pain in any real sense. Which led us to then think about some of the club’s older, diehard fans,” said Chisel Creative Director, Zak Kaczmarek.

    “We know that when people (particularly men of a certain age) suffer back or muscle pain, they’re often initially stubborn to do anything about it. The downside of ignoring it is that you become increasingly grumpy, and this impacts your mates and loved ones. We saw potential for humour there. Hence our idea to take the ‘epidemic of grumpiness’ to its extreme logical conclusion. We’re hoping that it drives consideration for Voltaren Emulgel and encourages grumpy blokes to get their old footy injuries treated, so they can continue to live an active lifestyle.”


    CLIENT: GSK Voltaren x Western Sydney Wanderers FC
    BRAND MANAGERS: James Meins, Lilien Chen
    HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Isabelle Seeto
    CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Zak Kaczmarek & Nick Snelling
    DIRECTOR / WRITER: Nick Snelling
    DP: Don Buppapirak
    PRODUCER: Lucinda Hayden
    GAFFER: Matt Willis

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