Volkwagen Launches Fun New Spot as Part of ‘The Power of Vrrr Pha!’ Campaign

    By The Staff - Jul 28, 2021
    Volkwagen Launches Fun New Spot as Part of ‘The Power of Vrrr Pha!’ Campaign

    Volkswagen has launched a fun new ad directed by Sam Coleman as part of its “The Power of Vrrr Pha” via Ogilvy South Africa. The soundtrack is Nonku Phiri’s isiXhosa rendition of ‘No Regrets’, life.

    ‘Such an anticipated launch needed an epic soundtrack. Something big and familiar which would match the languid pace of the slowed-down world,” said Coleman. “Recording it in isiXhosa was a late idea. I got excited about the opportunity of taking something from the museum of French culture and turning it on its head.


    Ogilvy South Africa, creative director, Alex Goldberg, added: “When you’re shooting scripts like this, the details are everything. And Sam is all about the details. Great eye, knows performance, brilliant with casting, and highly collaborative. He never fails to bring his own unique style to elevate a project into something that stays with you long after you’ve watched it.’


    Creative director: Alex Goldberg

    Associate creative director: Riaan van Wyk


    Creative group head: Sibs Zihle

    Senior copywriter: Sandhya Mathura

    Art director: Annie Bekker

    Copywriter: Zanele Kabane

    Client service: Muriel Gouws

    Head of broadcast: Cathy Day

    DOP: Werner Maritz

    Phantom operator: Johan Horjus

    Focus puller: Reg Maritz

    Gaffer: Clint Stone

    Key grip: Ari Stavrinos

    Art director: Wendy Fredericksonn

    SFX: Gravitron

    Styling: Bee Diamondhead

    Hair/make-up: Merle Titus

    1st AD: Carey Lagoe

    Stunt coordinator: Grant Hulley

    VFX: Black Ginger
    Editor: Matthew Swanepoel at Priest
    Colourist: Kyle Stroebel at Refinery

    Final mix: Rob Brinkworth at Resonate

    Music: Nicolaas van Reenen and Simon Kohler at Field Audio

    Vocalist: Nonku Phiri

    Editor: Matthew Swanepoel

    Colourist: Kyle Stroebel

    Executive Producer: Zayd Halim

    Producer: Boris Vossgatter

    Production manager: Kelly Grobler

    Marketing communications manager: Meredith Kelly

    Brand manager: Loryn Symons

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