Volkswagen Invites Us to Pop into the ‘World’s Smallest Dealership’

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Nov 11, 2020
    Volkswagen Invites Us to Pop into the ‘World’s Smallest Dealership’

    Volkswagen and DDB Sydney have created the ‘World’s Smallest Dealership’ to promote the automotive’s new small SUV range and subsequent AR offering, allowing consumers to ‘try on’ and buy a car wherever they are.

    The 28cm tall activation is an exact 3D replica of a real dealership and is fitted with QR codes for customers to scan with their phones, leading them to a dedicated website designed for virtual tours using augmented reality.

    According to Vokswagen, more Australians are turning to online shopping than ever before. This year’s events have acted as a catalyst for more shoppers to go online, even for things that have traditionally been sold in person like cars.

    Volkswagen Australia has sold over 460 cars online at a value of $36 million since April, leading to the launch of the World’s Smallest Dealership, an activation that highlights the need for more choice and convenience in the way Aussies shop for cars.

    The new AR experience, designed by Tribal in partnership with Virtual Immersive uses advanced graphics while letting Aussies choose their T-Roc or T-Cross, color and play with what it looks like before diving inside to look at the interiors, all from the palm of their hands.

    “While many people wouldn’t think that Aussies are prepared to buy a car online, the success of our online store proves they’re embracing online shopping for essentials and big-ticket items,” said Volkswagen Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jason Bradshaw. “The launch of Volkswagen’s smallest dealership and AR experience is all about making buying a car online easier and more convenient so Aussies can find, test out and then customize the perfect car for them.”

    “The launch of these two small SUVs was huge news for Volkswagen, so when COVID threw us a curveball just before launch, we had to get creative. Even with gradual reopenings happening, the usual trip to the dealership mightn’t be something people are comfortable with, so the Smallest Dealership has been integral as a way to promote the range and get people experiencing it,” said DDB Creative Director David Jackson. “The craft of the dealership is breathtaking, it’s taken countless hours to pull together, and the effort really shows.”

    Visit the smallest dealership to check out the AR experience here: http://www.smallestdealership.com


    Creative agency: DDB Sydney
    Digital agency: Tribal
    PR Agency: Mango Communications
    Production Companies:
    AR Build: Virtual Immersive
    Model Build: Yippee Ki Yay


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