Volkswagen India Celebrates the Joy of Driving With ‘You’re in a Volkswagen’ Campaign


Volkswagen India


DDB Mudra Group

Volkswagen India has rolled out a new campaign ‘You’re in a Volkswagen’ that aims to capture the true emotion of owning a car: ‘For those who are in love with driving, in love with motion’.

“Filled with stories that become memories, it absorbs the emotions of all its occupants while being driven and covering million kilometers across the cities of India,” said DDB Mudra Group, the creative agency behind the campaign, adding that VW is “A true driver’s choice that receives an unparalleled experience of uncompromised safety, superior build quality, comfort and fun-to-drive journey.”

Conceptualized by the DDB Mudra Group with media planning by PHD, the new campaign takes a brand-first approach to build a robust emotional equity in the automobile market the agency said.


“Our new brand campaign is centered around a simple yet powerful idea – ‘the quintessential moments experienced by our customers in a Volkswagen’. It is a celebration of the passion, exhilaration, freedom and joy that’s experienced from being behind the wheel,” said Ashish Gupta, Brand Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India.

“The unforgettable journeys and memories that make every drive extraordinary in a Volkswagen. It’s a promise that we as Volkswagen offer our customers, German-engineering, safety and a fun-to-drive experience.”

Abbey Thomas, Head of Marketing & PR, Volkswagen India, added, “The core theme of the campaign revolves around the concept that a Volkswagen is not just a machine to own, but a vehicle designed to be driven and experienced. This includes its commitment to safety, innovation and German engineering, its superior build quality, suite of world-class services and above all the fun-to-drive experience that is such a characteristic of all Volkswagen-engineered cars. It will urge customers to get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen because when it comes to a Volkswagen, the true experience is when you sit behind the wheels and enjoy the comfort & driving dynamics that’s when you’ll know – You’re in a Volkswagen.”


Rahul Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group, said, “When you make cars for the love of driving and for those in the cars, then you become more than just a car – you become a feeling. And Volkswagen has always embodied this. It was now time for us to come out and say it – You’re in a Volkswagen.”

The agency added that the campaign is available in eight local languages to ensure that “the brand message is not just understood, but also felt on a personal and emotional level, making the campaign a truly immersive experience.”


Creative: Rahul Mathew, Arcot Rahul, Mahima Mathur, Shyan Gershon, Rhea Kumar, Darshan Dhonde, Kanchan Kesari, Akash Mejari, Dhwani Shah, Nihar Patade, Payel Pramanic

Business: Saad Khan, Aditya Atre, Gaurav Magotra, Nikhil Bisoi, Mrittika Gupta, Manish Krishnan, Meet Dhumawat, Shubham Bansal, Ayushi Pareek

Strategy: Mehak Jaini, Aparajita Mishra, Rhea Samson

Agency Producer: Jay Gaikwad

Production House: Magic Box, Vice Media

Director: Matthias Berndt

Omnicom Media Group / PHD Team

Business & Strategy: Dinesh Vyas, Rrahul Deo Manerao, Shailja Saraswati Varghese

Planning: Kaushik Medda, Chetan Sawant, Jay Masrani, Apurva Sritava, Zain Ahmed, Prachi Kapadne, Mohnish Sharma, Savio Furtado

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