Vodafone ‘Super Fan Ki Superwish’ to Hit Strokes In Indian Premier League 2017

Ever since the first season of Indian Premier League nine years ago, Vodafone has always managed to thrill its fans with its campaigns.

“To Vodafone, IPL is an opportunity to surprise, delight and engage with our fans. Since the last nine years, we have been doing so, and 2017 will be our biggest cricket season ever,” said Siddharth Banerjee, executive vice-president, marketing, Vodafone in an interview with Afaqs.

‘Vodafone SuperFan’, a gratification platform that gave Vodafone customers an opportunity to get the match ball signed by the winning captain on live television, will take a larger avatar in IPL 2017 in the form of Vodafone ‘Super Fan Ki Superwish’.


This time, the winner is not just confined to ball-signing by the winning captain on the screen, but also stands a chance to win a set of new prizes which include dinner with their favorite cricketer, participating in a practice session, and presence in Extra Innings (the wrap around show by Sony).

In an association with Google, a Vodafone Super Fan will be able to experience the Front Row feel of the stadium, even if he/she is not actually in the stadium, but is watching the match from a Vodafone store, anywhere in the country. Vodafone is terming the initiative ‘Front Row’.

Also, the Zumis will be back. There will be anthems created with Zumi at the center of it.

A full third the Vodaphone marketing budget goes into IPL according to Banerjee.

Ribhu Singh

Ribhu Singh

Ribhu is a staff writer based in Bangalore. He blogs at ribhu.live

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