VMLY&R Partners with E-commerce Platform Shopmatic

    By Harold Henry - Oct 14, 2021
    VMLY&R Partners with E-commerce Platform Shopmatic

    VMLY&R has announced an exclusive partnership with the e-commerce platform, Shopmatic. The agreement involves the creation of a co-branded commerce platform, a one-click, channel-neutral commerce solution for WPP’s client partners.

    As part of the agreement, VMLY&R plans to roll out solution stacks on the platform that span from social through to rural commerce, with general trade commerce on-boarding by the end of the year.

    “The partnership with VMLY&R gives us access to the world’s largest companies, such as Unilever, Kraft Heinz, Ford and Swaraj Tractors, and more importantly, comes with VMLY&R’s ability to drive volume and value through our co-branded platform,” said Shopmatic Co-founder and CEO, Anurag Avula.


    The platform will launch in India by the end of this year and will roll out globally shortly after.

    “Partnering with Shopmatic allows us to move clients to very margin-friendly direct-to-consumer and third-party models,” said Hari Ramanathan, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for VMLY&R Asia.

    “Combined with our existing growth-hacking solution for marketplaces, we can co-own commercial outcomes with brand owners, rather than simply selling our products and services. With Shopmatic, we are entering a new era for commerce partnerships with clients.”


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