Vivo Looks to Bridge Cultural & Sexual Preference Differences With Ad Campaign in The Philippines

Petch&Partners Manila has launched a bold new film and promo campaign for VIVO called ‘Connections should have no limits’ that tells the story of a female Filipino traveler in Tokyo, who forms an unlikely human connection with a Japanese girl who shares her earphone with her.

The creative theme of the film, which was directed by Joel Limchoc via Film Pabrika, is that “creating a musical and physical bond between them – overcoming the limits of not being able to speak each other’s language, cultural differences, physical separation, and even sexual preference.”

The 2:35 film features Filipino girl in Japan that meets a local that takes her along to experience the exciting Tokyo nightlife, making it a night to remember. The film was launched as part of a Valentine’s Day campaign.


“Human connections should not be limited by race, language, cultural differences, customs, nor societal stigmas around exploring your sexuality and choice of sexual partner,” said Rachel Villanueva, Head of Creatives at Petch&Partners. “Through sharing an earphone and the universal language of music we were able to show that human connections can be formed despite all these limits – even spark love!’


Client: VIVO
Agency: Petch&Partners
Chairman / Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Petch
Head of Creatives: Rachel Villanueva
Senior Copywriter: Rachel Villanueva
Art Director: Jereek Espiritu
Client Service Director: Duke De Ramos
Account Executive: Frange Pangilinan
Production Company: Film Pabrika
Director: Joel Limchoc
Line Producer: Lei Villena
Executive Producer: Phoebe Nedia
Producers Collective: Slingshot Productions
Audio House: Hit Production