Vitasoy’s Quirky New Ad Celebrates Unique Pairings

In celebration of unique pairings, Hong Kong-based Vitasoy has a new TV spot introducing “YuanYang” a ready­-to-­drink coffee/tea. The drink is base on a locally favorite beverage that’s 70 percent milk tea and 30 percent coffee.

Along with being a staple drink, its is widely acknowledged as part of its Hong Kong’s cultural heritage.

Benny Ko, Director of Client Services of the creative firm DDB Group Hong Kong, explains the drink’s name.


“Hong Kongers named this drink, coffee mixed with milk tea, YuanYang, borrowing the connotation of a ‘pair’ of two unlike items. This connotation can also be found in different aspects of daily lives of young Hong Kongers, such as fashion, food and activities,” says Ko.

“We developed a TVC that amplifies YuanYang in an engaging and interesting way to connect with the younger generation and bring the brand to life. This encouraged Vita YuanYang to become a movement among young people in Hong Kong.”

The drink’s name YuanYang originally referred to Mandarin Ducks, which in China are a symbol of conjugal love. The mating pair of birds usually looking very different and yet they are one.

Along with TV the campaign also runs on social media, moving trucks and point-of-sale.



Client: Vitasoy International Holding Ltd.
General manager: Irene Tsui
Executive creative director: Clifford Ng
Director of client services: Benny Ko
Group creative director: Frankie Fung
Associate creative director: Roy Ha, Anderson Wan
Art director: Jeffery Foo
Associate account director: Cafy Choi
Account executive: Ducky Wong
Head of TV production: Annie Tong
TV producer: Wong Wai Hung
You can visit Vitasoy on the web at

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