Virgin Active Introduces ‘CPROBIC’ Workout to Save Others

Virgin Active, a fitness club brand, has launched a new class and initiative that combines a calorie-burning activity with a life-saving one.

Conceptualized and launched by BBDO Bangkok, the class is called “CPROBIC” – a new way to work out that integrates CPR movements with BOSU exercise, helping fitness goers learn life-saving skills while at the same time burning calories.


The idea grows out of the insight that most Thais have very little CPR practice, leading to an incorrect administration of CPR in real-life situations. Statistics show that only 6% of patients needing on-the-spot CPR receive it before reaching the hospital.

Taught by CPR-certified trainers from Virgin Active, the CPROBIC class turns fitness lovers into skilled life-savers, all the while helping them burn more than 400 calories in 45 minutes.


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