Vilnius Celebrates its Obscurity in Follow up to Acclaimed G-Spot Campaign

As a follow up to its award-winning ‘Vilnius – the G-spot of Europe’ campaign, that compared the city to a G-spot with the tagline: “nobody knows where it is, but when you find it, it’s amazing”, the city of Vilnius in Lithuania has launched a new campaign dubbed: ‘Vilnius: Amazing Wherever You Think It Is’.

The creative idea behind the campaign, which was conceptualized by the Bechtle and Milzarajs agency, is to use the city’s obscurity as a tool to draw more tourists. According to a 2019 study, done by Go Vilnius, the official development agency of the city which initiated the campaign, only 5% of Brits, 3% of Germans, and 6% of Israelis know more than the name and the approximate location of Vilnius.

A short film for the campaign takes place on the streets of Berlin where people are asked if they know where Vilnius is. The Lithuanian capital is placed everywhere from the Americas to Africa – everywhere but in its actual location.


There is also a campaign-dedicated website that asks visitors to guess where Vilnius is for a chance of winning a trip to the city while being informed of myriad reasons why Vilnius is amazing.

According to the director of Go Vilnius, Inga Romanovskienė, the idea was to turn the city’s disadvantage of being a lesser-known European capital into an entertaining, fun campaign, in which Vilnius laughs at its obscurity.


“Vilnius is continuing the course of presenting itself as an easygoing yet daring city, unafraid to laugh at its faults and break free from certain norms. Our goal is to show that no matter where people think Vilnius is located, it is a great place to go visit,” said Ms Romanovskienė.

If you haven’t seen the previous campaign, The G-Spot of Europe, it’s quite entertaining. Read more here.