Vietnam’s Successful Battle Against Covid-19 and How CocCoc Contributed to the Fight

Vietnam has made efforts over recent months to implement measures of Covid-19 prevention and achieved extremely positive results. To contribute to this success, businesses, especially technology companies, have taken numerous practical actions. As a leading Vietnamese technology company, CocCoc has made timely contributions to the fight against Covid-19 in Vietnam.

Despite having a wide border with China, Vietnam is currently one of the very few countries that has controlled the Covid-19 epidemic effectively with prompt and drastic policies of social distancing. Until now, there have been no reported deaths in Vietnam. Thus Vietnam becomes significantly different from other countries, whose number of infected cases and deaths is constantly increasing.

Additionally, Vietnam quickly carried out the control of information by preventing fake news and then propagating preventive measures. At the same time, the Ministry of Health encouraged people with a media campaign “Staying at home is happy” or a creative song of Covid-19 “Ghen Co Vy”, which has become popular with the international community for its impressive meaning and melody. Also, the community joined hands with outstanding support activities such as Rice ATM, 0-dong supermarket, dragon fruit bread.


CocCoc’s Contribution

CocCoc is a Vietnamese browser, which was developed on Chromium open-source platform – a platform popularly used by other well-known web browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera. Overtaking IE, Firefox, Safari, CocCoc has grown to be the second most popular web browser in Vietnam with nearly 18% market share of browsers by access and 4.1% that of search engines. In 2019, CocCoc cooperated with Yandex, one of Europe’s largest internet companies, to launch a New Tab 4.0 feature that delivers remarkable growth in users and revenue.

To accompany Vietnamese people in the Covid-19 battle, technology companies including CocCoc actively participated from the beginning. As the progress of the Covid-19 epidemic was getting more complicated in some countries, the amount of traffic in searching for Covid-19 related keywords increased dramatically.


However, that facilitated the dissemination of false information, which mainly mentioned the number of Covid-19 positive patients, as well as the methods to prevent the disease. Before the situation of fake news quickly spread on the Internet, CocCoc launched an updated information page of Covid-19 based on official sources on the CocCoc search engine on February 10 to provide exact information for users to follow.

CocCoc is the first Vietnamese technology company to develop a Covid-19 website with such fast access speed and updated information. Users only need to type keywords related to Covid-19 such as “corona virus”, “coronavirus”, “nCoV”, “corona virus”, “2019-nCoV”, “Covid-19”, “sars-cov-2” on CocCoc browser or accessing to the link, a complete news page of the Covid-19 pandemic developments will appear immediately.

All necessary information of the disease such as symptoms, prevention methods, recommendations of the Ministry of Health are continually updated in the most concise and intuitive way. Users can look for information from both desktop and mobile, and easily share it with friends and relatives. After launching the news page, CocCoc has recorded 250 thousand visits daily. And, CocCoc has become the most popular Covid-19 news one in Vietnam and received a lot of requests from the overseas Vietnamese community to publish it in English version.

Covid-19 search page on Cốc Cốc receives 250,000 querries/day

Besides, CocCoc also applies the chatbot of Covid-19 on their fanpage. When users directly send questions to CocCoc’s fanpage, CocCoc will have access to the information and give back the most accurate answers.

For users on CocCoc’s mobile platform, CocCoc immediately updates daily news about Covid-19, epidemic prevention information and government announcements via push notification.

After the social distancing instruction of the government, CocCoc rapidly changed its Doodle so as to enthusiastically respond to the campaign “Staying at home is happy”. Especially, CocCoc actively spread the message on the browser’s new tab page with more than 20 million views per day, in order to raise public awareness of the importance of keeping themselves and society safe.

During a period of social distancing, Vietnam also encouraged businesses to offer assistance programs for people such as online payment, online work, and other online forms. With several suitable features for users working or learning online, CocCoc tried their best to optimize those features to users for a better experience. In addition to the existing features, CocCoc also released new features to meet entertainment demands such as CocCoc Music, CocCoc Game.

At this time, Coc Coc is also implementing plans to provide advertising support packages so as to accompany businesses that are badly affected by the disease.

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy is the Head of Marketing at Cốc Cốc in Vietnam

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