Victoria Police Bring Officer Back in Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Campaign

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Dec 16, 2020
    Victoria Police Bring Officer Back in Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Campaign

    ‘Beyond The Call’, a new Victoria Police campaign, created by McCann Melbourne, has brought a past police officer back to deliver a critical message to officers about mental health and suicide warning signs.

    Late Senior Constable Laurie Fox, husband and father of two took his own life on New Year’s Eve 2012 at the age of 32.

    With the support of his former wife, Belinda Bozykowski and the Victoria Police Mental Health Program office, McCann Melbourne and production group Exit used deep fake technology to create a harrowingly real message from Senior Constable Fox, urging officers in Victoria to seek help and support without fear of consequence.

    McCann Melbourne and Exit undertook a complex process involving extensive casting for the live action shoot and using original photos, videos and archival source material from Senior Constable Fox’s life.

    “What unites police officers is a desire to do meaningful work and go beyond the call to make a difference to the people around them,” said Simon McCrudden, chief strategy officer, McCann Melbourne.

    “We worked very closely with Senior Constable Fox’s wife, Belinda, Victoria Police and Secretary of the Police Association of Victoria, Wayne Gatt to give an officer who tragically left us too early the opportunity to continue making a difference.”

    McCann Melbourne creative director, Andrew Woodhead said the nature of the issue required a new and innovative approach to affect behavior change.

    “We knew that if this project was to have any significant impact we would need to convey our message in a way the audience could not possibly ignore,” said Woodhead.

    Since its launch through Victoria Police’s Bluespace Wellbeing website and Equipt (a free health, wellbeing and sleep app), the awareness campaign has received national news coverage in the press and on television.

    The app has been developed to help Victoria Police employees to identify the signs of mental health struggles and suicidal thoughts in themselves and their colleagues and seek assistance anonymously.

    In loving memory of Senior Constable Laurie Fox 31.07.1980 – 31.12.2012.


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