Victoria Bitter Calls on Aussies to Get Vaccinated by Utilizing its Iconic Jingle

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Sep 10, 2021
    Victoria Bitter Calls on Aussies to Get Vaccinated by Utilizing its Iconic Jingle

    Victoria Bitter in collaboration with Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is calling on all Australians to get the covid-19 vaccine so things can get back to normal.

    The campaign, which launched earlier this week calls on Aussies to help everyone get back to working up a hard-earned thirst. The campaign takes a modern twist on the 53-year-old VB anthem, utilizing the same imagery and music but changing the words

    “So if you’d like to get back to leading a band, or lending a hand, roll up your sleeves, and get the jab,” the new ad says. “Matter of fact, I got mine now.”


    “Right now you can’t get it goalin’, you can’t get it bowlin’. You can’t get it takin’ a vow, or chasin’ a cow. A hard-earned thirst comes from being all over town. Not from being in lockdown.”

    “This will support hospitality and business more broadly by encouraging Aussies to get the jab so we can re-open all of Australia’s pubs, clubs, construction sites, offices, shops and everywhere else you earn a hard earned thirst,” said VB’s head of marketing Brian Phan.


    “VB has been celebrating ‘taking a vow’, ‘chasing a cow’ and ‘leading a band’ for more than half a century. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken nearly all of these activities away from us. And let’s be honest, you can’t really earn one sitting on the couch or doing a puzzle. It’s a serious issue, but our Aussie sense of humour is still important during a pandemic.”


    Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
    Production Company: Flare
    Director: Nathan Christoffel
    Post-production: FINISH
    Editor: Sam Coates
    Sound house: Squeak E Clean (Paul Le Couteur)
    Media agency: PHD

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