Vending Machine of Sounds to Raise Funds for Deaf Kids in China

As part of a fundraising and awareness campaign that goes to a charity helping hearing impaired children in China, Ogilvy has created a ‘Vending Machine of Sounds’

To highlight the cost attached to restoring hearing to a child, a video ad shows everyday sounds –each with a price tag attached.

The virtual machine allows people to easily donate small amounts – up to RMB50.


“We worked to see life through the eyes of hearing-impaired kids,” says Joe Wu, O&M Shanghai creative director and lead for the TVC and print campaign.

“Sound for them is like looking through a glass window; a transparent, but tangible barrier keeping them from fully experiencing the world. Using this insight, we came up with the idea of sound as a luxury. In the video and the print campaign, we gave every sound from daily life an expensive price tag – more or less RMB200, 000. The contrast between the normalcies of those sounds paired with the expensive cost is meant to shock people into action.”

Yao Xuesong, president of the i-dB Foundation, added: “i-dB aims to bring a better life to hearing-impaired children. This campaign by Ogilvy creates an interesting vending machine of sounds and a touching video to drive awareness for i-dB and it smartly utilizes social media to aggregate small donations.”