Using Religion in Sri Lanka to Educate People About Dengue Mosquito Breeding

A new campaign in Sri Lanka’s aims to call attention to the problem of dengue reaching epidemic levels as people unknowingly end up breeding dengue mosquitos. Colombo, the country’s largest city, is made up of slums account for over 50% of the population.

According to Triad Sri Lanka, who is behind the creation of the campaign, education programs by the Colombo Municipal Council are ignored, so they “turned to the only authority they listen to – religion.”

Written, recited and recorded by monks, Life Chant educates people about dengue mosquito breeding. With shrines and temples situated throughout these slums, Triad used the loudspeaker system in these shrines and temples as a medium to educate the community on dengue breeding.


The message aired twice daily during regular prayers which happens to be the very time the dengue mosquito is most active. What started as an audio medium quickly turned into an on-ground activation with monks from the surrounding temples visiting the slums and educating the people.

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