Of Babies Peeing on their Fathers and the Competitive Used Car Market in Korea

Used car sellers are a booming business sector in South Korea, with some of the country’s largest conglomerates and international automakers duking it out in an increasingly crowded field.

In response to the stepped up competition, SK Encar, one of the country’s largest second-hand dealers, has launched a novel new ad spot that is, ahem, taking aim at increasing their market share.

Along with a content campaign, the company is running a new TV spot featuring two young parents of boy triplets who are, it would seem, quite prodigious and well-aimed with their urine output.


Have a look for yourself at the 30-second spot.

Well. If one of advertising’s primary goals is to create something memorable, SK Encar has hit a grand slam. How are you going to forget that? Ever. For your entire life.



Big players in a growing market

In 2014, 61 percent of all used car transactions were done through major corporations, with the remainder still being done by car owners themselves at a decreasing rate.

SK Group, one of Korea’s top 5 conglomerates, was the first to enter the used car market back in 2000 when it launched SK Encar. They currently control 40 percent of the used car market as of this year.

Likely that grip on the market will be loosened as other conglomerates, the Lotte Group and Hyundai Motors also opening second-hand dealerships.

Foreign automaker BMW has launched its “BMW Premium Selection”, Mercedes-Benz Korea started offering the “Star Class” used car service in 2011 and Jaguar Land Rover Korea opened a second-hand car dealership in August of last year with plans to open two more by early 2017.

Volvo Korea and Volkswagen have also expressed their intent to open second-hand dealerships this year.

“As conglomerates jump into the used car market, the number of deals between individuals has declined, while deals through big companies have increased,” said Kim Yong-geun of the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association.”

Where the market is going we can now see. Where the advertising will go –who knows?


Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

Bobby is the founder and publisher of Branding in Asia.

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