Urinating Panda Ad Aimed at Chinese Tourists Pulled

Back in 2011, CCTV, the state-owned TV network in China, has pulled a strange PSA ad aimed at telling Chinese citizens to behave when abroad.

An odd Chinese produced TV spot featuring pissing pandas, which was meant to teach Chinese people how to conduct themselves properly while traveling abroad, has been pulled by Chinese officials.

The ad, which depicts Chinese tourists as giant pandas behaving badly in Australia was not taken well by the public.


The PSA featured “bad pandas” sleeping on public benches to the chagrin of an exhausted old lady, blocking the sidewalk with their arms full of shopping bags, and other forms of rude behavior culminating in taking a piss on a palm tree in public.

The voice over at the end asks, in Chinese, that those traveling abroad should “be a good panda, be a good tourist” –the world is watching us.


Well, the road to pissed on palm trees is often paved with the best intentions.