Universal Favourite Develops Brand for Flaus

“It’s got a nice string to it.”

Sydney design studio Universal Favourite has unveiled a new brand identity for the world’s first planet-friendly electric flosser, Flaus.

Underpinned by the brand proposition ‘A better Future for People with Teeth’, the new branding aims to break the clinical category norms of oral care by focussing on futuristic, human-centred design that is good for the planet.

In developing the new brand, Universal Favourite worked alongside strategy partners Untangld to develop a brand, communication and loyalty strategy.


According to the agency, this informed Universal Favourite’s creation of the verbal and visual identity (including logo), brand guidelines, illustrations, product renders, website design and development, considered packaging, photography and social media assets for the US-based Flaus.

To bring the brand to life, Universal Favourite developed an overarching brand idea: ‘Planet Flaus’, which became the foundation for the new brand, from the retro-futuristic logo through to its bright colour palette, and the design of its online presence.

Universal Favourite Founder and ECD Dari Israelstam said: “Flaus is reimagining the oral healthcare space, and in particular flossing, which hasn’t changed much in the last 200 years and continues to be an environmental nightmare. It was important that we created an identity that not only spoke to Flaus’ disruption to the industry, but its aspiration to create a better planet along the way.


“We also needed to consider that there’s been a huge shift in purchasing behaviour when it comes to oral hygiene products, as the category embraces wellness and beauty, while consumers demand greater transparency about sustainability practices. So, we needed to find a brand approach that would bring the Flaus environmental ethos to the front without falling into the stale blur of brands saying the same things. Creating an entirely new brand ‘planet’ teamed with a brand voice that’s packed full of bold personality ensures these values have been brought to life in a distinct and engaging way.”

Universal Favourite Creative Director Ali Ozden said the various visual elements of the brand reflected Flaus’ desire for disruption, teamed with its mission to look after people’s teeth – and the planet.

“Brands in the oral health category generally look the same. They’re often overly medical, with boring, clinical art direction, and a focus on freshness that showcases people with perfect smiles,” he explained.

“Flaus wanted to reinvent the category, and shift flossing from oral health to oral beauty. To do this we paired a vibrant colour palette with a hero neon green, with fun photography and a retro-futuristic logo. To cement the brand values within the identity we also crafted 3D illustrations that highlighted the Flaus brand pillars within the different scenes. These were utilised across the online experience, using an extended colour palette and bold personality that is unafraid to tell it like it is.

“The result is a brand that invites consumers into the aspirational world of flossibility that exists on Planet Flaus – and one that is completely at odds with the outdated, dull and dry perception of dental hygiene products.”

The new brand also extends across packaging, developed with structural packaging partner Think.  It includes a sustainable (plastic-free) modular box system that creates an unboxing experience for customers, reflecting the futuristic, sustainable and human elements of the brand.

Flaus Co-Founder Ellie Hanson said with dental floss largely unchanged since its invention 200 years ago, it was important that any brand presence brought flossing into the 21st century, while rising above other beauty-based brands.

“We have one set of teeth and one planet, and our mission is to look after both,” she explained.

“Having created the world’s first planet-friendly electric flosser, Flaus was always going to change the future of the oral health and beauty space, and now we’ve got a brand to match. We’re excited to use this brand now, and as the company continues to grow and expand into the future.”


Universal Favourite
Dari Israelstam, Founder and ECD
Ali Ozden, Creative Director
Lucy McGinley, Senior Designer
Jack Forrest, Designer
Leon Shore, Designer
Laura Brown, Senior Account Manager
Kristen Walsh, Client Services Director

Untangld, Strategy
Cat Wall, copywriting
Amy Scott, copywriting
Ten Two, website development
Think Packaging, structural packaging
Mitchell Eaton, 3D illustration
Tobias Rowles, photography
Sam I Am, production

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