Unilever Partners with the Nepalese Army to Tackle Himalayan Waste

As part of a commitment to sustainable living, Unilever has partnered with the Nepalese Army through its Mountain Cleaning Campaign 2021.

While mountaineering in Nepal is a burgeoning business and a key economic contributor, the amount of waste the sport generates threatens the environment and ecosystem of the Himalayas. Climate change has only increased these risks.

In an event organized at the Army Headquarters in Kathmandu, Brigadier General Himanshu Khadka, Director of the Directorate of National Parks and Wildlife Reserve congratulated the Unilever Nepal team.


“I thank Unilever Nepal for supporting the Mountain Clean Up initiative. Through this initiative of cleaning the Himalayan ranges you have touched the heart of every Nepali,” said Brigadier General Khadka.

The mountain clean-up initiative disposed of 5020 kg of waste.

“The natural world is being lost and damaged at an alarming rate, and to put the same on reverse, Unilever Nepal couldn’t have found a better cause than to clean the revered Mount Dhaulagiri and a more credible partner than the Nepal Army,” said Managing Director of Unilever Nepal Ltd., Amlan Mukherjee.


Outreach Nepal worked as a creative agency on the initiative.

“We are pleased to be a part of Unilever Nepal’s social causes initiatives like handwashing or mountain cleaning. These campaigns inspire and refresh us from the fatigue brought on by regular advertising,” said Creative Director Kanishka Dasgupta.


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