Unilever Ice Cream Launches Campaign for New Ice Cream Bites in Australia

Unilever Ice Cream has launched a campaign for the released popular ice cream brands, Golden Gaytime, Ben & Jerry’s, and Magnum, in bite-size versions, providing Aussies with a new snacking indulgence.

Historically, ice cream isn’t considered a snack. While delicious, ice cream can sometimes be too big, messy, or cumbersome for a cheeky snack.

“Less than 12 percent of Aussies think that ice cream is a snack but know it’s one of our most popular indulgences, so, it was about time we gave Australian snackers the option,” said Annie Lucchitti, marketing manager for Streets at Unilever Ice Cream.


Darren Wright, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO Sydney, added, “It’s pretty hard to share an ice cream, but it doesn’t stop some people from asking for a bit, even before you’ve had a chance to have any yourself. Thankfully Golden Gaytime, Ben and Jerry’s and Magnum have come up with the perfect answer to that question. Ice cream bites. And we wanted to bring that to life in a fun and delicious way.”

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