UK Government Launches Moving Campaign Urging All Brits to Stay Home

    The campaign has drawn criticism from some who argue it will lead to never-ending lockdowns.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jan 25, 2021
    UK Government Launches Moving Campaign Urging All Brits to Stay Home

    The government of the United Kingdom launched ‘Look into my eyes,’ a tear-jerking new campaign calling on all men and women across the UK to take proper precautions in regard to the coronavirus.

    Backed by a poignant video that shows the true despair felt by ventilated patients and the doctors and nurses of the NHS, the public health campaign which was devised by Mullen Lower is far more direct and heartfelt than others we’ve seen throughout the pandemic. The ads were released as the UK creeps toward the horrific milestone of 100,000 dead and a more contagious new strain continues to spread across the globe.

    Hard-hitting posters challenge Brits to look into the eyes of desperately sick patients and question the seriousness of the pandemic.

    They go as far as to shame those who don’t follow the rules.

    Image credit NHS

    Unsurprisingly, the campaign has come under criticism from some, accused of being fearmongering intended to substantiate the need for prolonged lockdowns.

    Speaking with MailOnline, Tory MP Craig Mackinlay said: “It seems to me we are now being held hostage to a zero Covid policy which is completely unattainable – or if you do attain it we are going to be in lockdown for an incredibly long period. That just cannot be.”

    A number of doctors and healthcare workers came out strongly in support of the campaign. Speaking with the UK Department of Health and Social Care, Alex Whitfield, the Chief Executive of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust spoke of the seriousness of the pandemic. The ad was shot in his hospital.

    “We are going through the biggest national health emergency that many of us will see during our lifetime. COVID-19 is serious, lives are at risk and the pressure the NHS is under to provide care is real. Our staff, and other NHS staff across the country are working around the clock to provide vital care for those with COVID-19 and other health conditions,” said Whitfield.

    “We are pleading with the public to stay at home in order to look after each other and support our NHS staff so we can ultimately all play a part in saving lives. We hope that by having a film crew in here to hear how much pressure our hospital and staff are under, the public will get an understanding of what happens here every day. The threat is very real to us all.”

    The campaign will air on ITV and Channel 4, as well as across radio and social media.


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