Ujaya Shakya Honored as ECI Innovative Marketer Of The Year 2023

Ujaya Shakya received the prestigious “ECI Innovative Marketer of the Year 2023” award at the Gala Event hosted by the ECI Festival.

The event was held in Wuxi City, China. Shakya, known as a thought leader in South Asia, was recognized for his contributions to advertising and marketing in the region. Emphasizing an empathy-driven approach in brand communication,

Shakya addressed a diverse audience at the ECI Festival, highlighting the enduring importance of human feelings in the data-driven world. He stressed the need to recognize individuals not merely as consumers but as citizens, members of communities and contributors to a broader societal narrative.


In a world increasingly influenced by algorithms, Shakya’s emphasis on purpose and values in data-driven narratives resonates, creating a real-world impact. His recognition as the “ECI Innovative Marketer of the Year 2023” reaffirms his position as a leader driving positive change in the advertising and marketing landscape.

The ECI Festival, spanning from December 6th to 8th, 2023 witnessed representatives from 13 countries converging to discuss the “Global Sustainable Innovation and Civilization Development Initiative.”

This initiative aims to build a sustainable development ecosystem using digitalization to empower the future of civilization. Hosted by The Wuxi National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and The IECIA (International Entrepreneurs, Creative & Innovators Association), the ECI Festival is renowned for bringing together innovators from around the globe. The ECI Festival continues its tradition of rotating through different cities, amplifying its impact and reach.

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