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When I first joined DDB, I was quick to point out that I was not an ‘ad’ guy. In fact, I believed that the entire advertising industry was flawed and that for brands to truly engage with consumers real business problems needed to be solved in an ecosystem where creativity, innovation and technology become one.

Only then could agencies truly become partners with their clients.

An ad might be a ‘component’ to solving the big problems – and then again it might not be required at all.


However, I am also a consumer…so here are a couple of ads I like and one I actually hate.

Two ads I like

The first Ad that really like is from a few years back – Evian Babies.

While there have been a few more of these ads produced, the first for me is still the best.

Tapping into the idea of reconnecting with our inner child and “Live Young”. The commercial taps that part in all of the us…the inspiration, the freedom, the part of us that knows no bounds. Our inner child thrives on creativity and knows the importance of play.


An adult doing this in the street would be frowned upon – kids are just super cute.

The second Ad is more of a “series” of ads – Panda Cheese – Never say no to Panda. It is impossible to pick just one.

While these ran quietly some time ago and were clearly made on a very low budget, the use of comedy and a slightly scary and at times aggressive panda just make these ads timeless.

One that I really dislike

PPI Deadline UK. Come on guys if you are going to use “Arnie” at least try and do a half decent job! A £42m advertising campaign, funded by 18 banks, building societies and credit card providers – you could have used his voice (the mini-terminator is voiced by David Brent, a Canadian actor and comedian).

If I was the client, I would be asking for my money back!

Certainly not one for the showreels.


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