Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Nkanyezi Masango

My first pick for the two ads that I like: Cadbury’s “Gorilla”. 

I love this ad. Mostly because I can’t quite explain why I do. It just makes me feel good without needing to rationalize it in my head.


At a time when clients rely so much on research and data, a gorilla comes along and demonstrates that magic can’t be researched. When Juan Cabral, the writer and director of this ad was asked about his approach, he said “A brand needs to go to the heart and not to the brain”.

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I couldn’t agree more. Pure creativity is instinctual.  That’s why work like this resonates with most people, because much like the gorilla, we’re all just animals.

Another I like

This Guardian campaign demonstrates excellence in press advertising. It feels elegant, but quick and effortless. The press category at award shows is always filled with print ads that look over-cooked.


Who would genuinely spend so much money and time on expensive CGI for a newspaper ad? These Guardian ads are authentic to the fast-paced nature of the press medium, yet they manage to be timeless.

I don’t like this ad, but I kinda do

This in-house Pepsi ad is shocking on so many levels. But if you put aside the obvious part: the insensitive re-appropriation of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests and clueless reference to multiracial hipster culture – there’s actually something I do like about it.

It demonstrates to clients why going in-house is always a bad idea.



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