Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Kit Ong

The work we do is temporary. But we do this work so constantly. Something great happens today. Something greater happens tomorrow. People come. People go. Brands die. Brands live. Brands happen.

In the archival of human creations, perhaps what we do pales in comparison to music, movies, and books. But we do this work so constantly, and it is this frequency and persistence that I am in awe of.

Two I like

I like “The Best Job in the World” by SapientNitro for Tourism Queensland, a campaign that launched in January 2009. Bloody smart. Money well spent. Tons of PR. Not your everyday tourism rehash.


I like “The LEGO Movie”. Yes, I know it was not done by an ad agency, and therefore not an outright ad, but it really is one.

And I paid money to watch it. And then I went to buy some LEGOs afterwards. And it brought back childhood memories. And then I watched the movie again. And again. And then I sang the theme song.


One I Don’t Like

The one which I do not like is humbly the one or more precisely, the ones, which I have done or allowed others to produce. I blame it on my own weaknesses. Politics sometimes come into play. At other times, circumstances come into play. But I do mostly and sincerely blame it on myself.

So I make up for the ones I do not like so much, with quite a few that have done a hell of a lot better.


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