Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Ammar Haider

A good ad for me is one that is based on “human” insight. Sure, trending topics and viral moments are effective selling platforms, but they often lack longevity and universal connectivity. When done right, insightful communication can cut across ethnicity, religion, geography, even time.

It doesn’t matter then, whether the product is worth ¢5 or $50k. Silent? Narration? Celebrity? Non-celebrity? Long? Short? Anything and everything works when the idea resonates with instincts that have evolved in us all.

I chose the following ads not only to illustrate the point above but also because they are both placed at opposite ends of the executional spectrum:


2 Ads For the People

Vodafone India

Brilliant in its simplicity, this ad for Vodafone India will be relatable for anyone who has ever felt the urge to scream about their achievement from the rooftops. Vodafone; “We’ll hold your beer…”

Jaguar: Art of Villainy with Tom Hiddleston

Sauvé, Shady, Succinct. This masterpiece from a series of ads for the Jaguar F-Type, pulls at the very fibers of man’s desire for power. And what is power if not absolute? Jaguar; “Let’s get corrupt, together”.


1 For the Board

Saudi Aramco

It’s not just this ad, but this entire lazy genre that makes me cringe. It’s one thing to create mindless, rose-tinted propaganda while the propagator, in fact, destroys the *insert anything vulnerable* for profit, but it is unforgivable to not even try genuine manipulation.

At the end of the day, advertising is all about knowing the pulse of the consumer, so it’s always a good idea to think about buying rather than selling. That’s how you make a good ad.


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