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If you’ll permit me, for the first of the two ads that I like, I will go back in time. Back to 2004 when I was just starting out as a copywriter and I first saw Honda’s Grrr. It completely blew me away then—and it still does now.

At the time I was working on a car brand and if you have ever worked on one, you know this film blows up any template, formula—everything.

It is a commercial about a very unsexy thing: a diesel engine.


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But one that is lysergically animated with an infectious soundtrack and the perfect voice of Garrison Keillor taking us on the ride.

I did some Googling for its date of release—and soon found myself on a Wikipedia page dedicated just to the ad. My brief description paragraph doesn’t do justice to it. Go there yourself and be immersed in the story of this masterpiece. From how the idea came to life to the list of credits.

And of course, watch the ad for yourself.


Another I like

The second ad that I love won big this year in Cannes: The World’s Biggest Asshole. For over 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you closely follow the life of the biggest asshole you have ever seen on screen. 

Scene after scene, the asshole Coleman Sweeney piles on reason after reason for you to hate him. Coleman is the kind of character you love to hate and hate to love.

And, in the end, he makes you think and care about something that a lot us don’t think about: donating our organs. I have seen several commercials that use emotion and buckets of tears to tug at your heartstrings and convince you to donate your organs. This one makes you smile, not cry. And by doing so, makes it stand out significantly from all the rest.

And one that I hate

The ad that I hate is one that follows me around the web –for a JBL bluetooth speaker I once checked the price for on Amazon. It haunts me.

I checked it only once, placed it in the check out cart and then had second thoughts.

And now– I am sitting there watching the live score of my hometown soccer team on a sports site, and boom, the bluetooth speaker says “Hi!”

I’m following the Red Sox on youtube, the bluetooth speaker casually waves “Hi, you here?”

I’m buying groceries, and the bluetooth speaker peeks from behind the tomatoes and winks at me suggestively.

I am 100% sure, when I read this article online, the same bluetooth speaker will come to say hi and ask: “Why all the hate, Erick? I thought we were a thing.”

We’re not.


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