Twitter Taps K-Pop Content as a Way for Brands to Reach Wider Audience

#TwitterBlueroom session with K-Pop group Seventeen. (Image: screenshot, Twitter)

Twitter is positioning itself as “the best place for fans all over the world to find out and talk about what’s happening in the K-Pop world in real-time,” the platform said of its initiative to offer brands advertising opportunities to reach K-Pop’s highly-engaged audience.

The numbers for K-Pop related content have been quite impressive for Twitter. Last year, the most Tweeted personality globally was K-Pop band BTS. There were also 56 million Tweets worldwide related to “2018MAMA” in December 2018, which is the biggest K-Pop award ceremony every year.

Additionally, the live Twitter Blueroom for K-Pop band EXO (@weareoneEXO) in November 2018 was watched by 1.5 million people, setting the record for the most watched K-Pop #TwitterBlueroom ever.


Ad Opportunities for Brands

With K-Pop being one of the top global conversation drivers on Twitter, the platform announced that it has extended its In-Stream Video Ads to K-Pop content.

The move will now allow brands worldwide to run pre-roll video ads targeted at users who watch K-Pop content on the platform. Twitter said that in addition to increasing the profit of video content copyright holders on Twitter, it will additionally enable brand advertisers to more easily reach a young, high-engagement consumer audience.

Example Tweet for K-Pop Twitter In-Stream Video Ads:


“In-Stream Video Ads and Sponsorships for K-Pop content will be the new marketing opportunity for brand advertisers to target young, high-engagement consumer audiences in the global market,” said Yeonjeong Kim, Head of Global Content Partnerships in Twitter Korea.

“In particular, we will focus on providing live #TwitterBluerooms, behind the scenes of K-Pop artists as well as K-Pop music content that has strong entertainment value and high cultural influential power on Twitter.”

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#TwitterBlueroom has provided exclusive live Q&A sessions on Twitter with over 200 K-Pop artists and their fans with an average of 1 million viewership for each K-pop #TwitterBlueroom in 2018.

In December last year, LG U+ was the first brand to work with Twitter on this new advertising tool. Through the first sponsored Twitter K-pop Blueroom, LG U+ introduced their new performance video platform, U+ Idol Live, on a global scale to K-pop fans, accumulating upwards of 1 million views, said Twitter.

With no regional restrictions global brands can reach Kpop fans on Twitter in as many as 22 markets including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UK, United Arab Emirates and US.

Twitter said it plans to continue to expand the available countries for this service.

Nielsen Brand Effect Data (2017.11-2018.04) found that people who have viewed In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter showed 60% more ‘Ad Recall’, 30% more ‘Brand Awareness’, and 5% more ‘Purchase Intent’, compared to those who were not exposed to the Ads, said Twitter.