Campaign Uses ‘Truck Art’ to Find Missing Children in Pakistan

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 19, 2019
    Campaign Uses ‘Truck Art’  to Find Missing Children in Pakistan

    Driving along the roads of Pakistan you will often come across ‘Truck Art’ – a colorful display in which transport and goods trucks traveling across the country are painted and decorated with elaborate floral patterns, animals, icons, portraits, and calligraphy.

    As part of a campaign for Berger Paints, BBDO Pakistan/Impact BBDO have collaborated with artist/activist Samar Minallah Khan and Roshni Helpline to use this art form to find missing children.

    Truck art most often features portraits of famous personalities – actors, sportspersons, military chiefs, and politicians. However, for the “Truck Art Childfinder” campaign, instead of the usual personality portraits, BBDO collaborated with local truck artists to paint portraits of missing children, along with a helpline number.


    One of the key issues around locating missing children in Pakistan is that these children are displaced very quickly to remote parts of the country, where traditional media does not reach.

    Within the first week of the trucks being released, 313 calls were received from all parts of Pakistan, said the brand.


    Good stuff. Nicely done.


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