Trojan’s 69-Page Cookbook – ‘Rising Time: 25 Bread Recipes to Remind Couples To Have Sex at Home’

In case you missed it, yesterday was World Baking Day. To mark the occasion, along with the fact that much of the world is spending a lot of time at home looking for something to do, condom brand Trojan (which you no doubt immediately associate with baking) has released a free downloadable e-cookbook filled with sensual bread recipes and food photography to, shall we say, get things cookin’ in the kitchen.

Along with colorful photography, and colorful sexual innuendo, the book is brimming with sexual puns that accompany the recipes which have names such as “Rye’d That D”, “Pump Her Nickle,” “Get A Pizza That Booty”, “All Booty No Glutey” and “Knot Without A Condom.”

Is this something you want to give to mom or dad so they can add to their baking repertoire? That’s your call. But these are quarantine lockdown times dear friends, so anything to pass the time is welcomed by us all.


The 69-page book (but of course it’s 69 pages) “Rising Time: 25 Bread Recipes to Remind Couples To Have Sex at Home” is available for download on Amazon where Trojan describe it as such:


“Rising Time is for all the couples home, quarantining together. The couples who want to spend this time together baking bread. This new cookbook aims to remind those couples they could be having sex right now, with 69 pages of sensual bread recipes and surprisingly erotic bread photography. Which, when paired with a condom, is one of the best, sexiest, and safest ways to spend time together. If you are a couple quarantining together and thinking about baking bread, this sexy, bread cookbook is for you.”


In addition to the release of the book, Trojan is donating 50,000 meals to those in need in conjunction with Feeding America.

Carry on.