Treasury Wine Estates Challenges Conventions with Launch of Sun Monkey Wine

Along with Design Bridge and Partners, the brand has launched a sake flavour-infused wine collection, now available in Australia with further expansion plans for Asia Pacific.

Global wine leader, Treasury Wine Estates, together with creative partner Design Bridge and Partners, have launched an industry world-first, sake flavour-infused wine collection, now available in Australia with further expansion plans for Asia Pacific in the works.

Globally wine consumption is on the decline with many young consumers seeking new alcohol experiences. In Asia Pacific, the category shows potential for growth fuelled by a curious new consumer who wants to enjoy wine without the restriction of rules.

“Over the past decade, Asian culture has captivated palates worldwide with young adults in our region between the ages of 18 and 29 now actively seeking new, unique alcoholic beverages,” said said Kjetil Undhjem, Treasury Premium Brands’ Chief Marketing Officer.


“Sun Monkey was inspired by all the unique and amazing influences that our region has to offer, catering to the next generation of drinkers that crave variety and diverse experiences to share with friends.

So who better to symbolize this free spirit than the infamous Monkey King? The ultimate rebellious hero. A familiar tale of liberation and transformation for many in the region, the Monkey King, is a mischievous shapeshifter that bends the rules and uses his superpowers in many heroic feats. This spirit of rebellion and self-expression was artfully captured on the label design by renowned Chinese Tattoo Artist and Illustrator, JAX.

“Since I was a child, I was deeply influenced by the animation “Da Lao Tian Gong” by Shanghai Art Studio. When this opportunity to work with Design Bridge and Partners came around, I was lucky to use the iconic style of American old school tattoo to depict the Chinese elements of Monkey King. The creative process is like designing an old school tattoo manuscript.


With rough lines and heavy shadows, the expression design retains his rebellious character. The use of colour adds a sense of future splendor, hoping to evoke more contemporary characteristics”

Jax, together with Design Bridge and Partners co-created a unique expression of the Sun Monkey. The vibrant face of the mission to bend the rules of wine. Breaking free from the rock that held him, no longer controlled by the hoop on his head and released into the world of wine to shake up the category.

“One of the things we love to do is create brands and identities inspired by culture rather than for culture – understanding consumer mentalities and cultural narratives to create new relevance in an age old category is a challenge but a fun one that we hope speaks to audiences. With Sun Monkey we wanted to create a feeling of freedom through the design, that we want consumers to feel with each twist of the wine cap,” said Phil Dall, Executive Creative Director Design Bridge and Partners Asia Pacific.


Kathryn O’Connell – Senior Account Director

Clara Chok – Client Manager

Phil Dall – Executive Creative Director

Tom Gilbert – Group Executive Creative Director

Renee Zhang – Strategy Director

Tony Jin – Strategist

Cerlyn Loke – Design Director

Christie Widjaja – Design Director

Leonard Lam – Design Director

Melissa Han – Senior Designer

Jade Loh – Junior Designer

Charles Galland – Director of Realisation

Dea Jovita – Senior Visualiser

Casper Lee Senior Visualiser

Jian’an Ong – Senior Visualiser

Guanshyh Ng – Senior Artworker

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