Train in Fields Such as K-Pop with South Korea’s ‘K-Culture Training Visa’

The visa will launch on a trial basis this year, and be available for training in entertainment and other aspects of Korean culture.

Image via cottonbro studio

If you’re thinking you might want to head to South Korea for professional K-pop training, you’re in luck, soon they will have a visa for that.

The Chosun Daily reports that “K-culture Training Visa” will be available in the second half of this year for foreigners who want to stay in Korea for longer periods to study in fields related to K-pop, choreography, and modeling.

The culture-oriented visa program will be implemented on a trial basis this year to meet what the Korea Times reports is a growing demand from people around the world for immersion in Korean pop culture.


“Revisions of visa rules are necessary to successfully cope with changing tourism trends,” the Ministry of Finance and Economy said.

“For instance, more foreign nationals have been interested in undergoing training in entertainment and other aspects of Korean culture in the long term, but could not do so because the valid duration of stay was far shorter,” the ministry said.

The Korea Times additionally reports that the South Korean government is considering an expansion of the existing workcation visa, which allows individuals to work remotely while traveling in Korea.

This initiative aims to encourage longer stays in regions outside of Seoul.


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