Toyota’s Three Super Bowl 2018 Ads Focus on the ‘Impossible’

Japanese automaker Toyota has three Super Bowl spots this year as part of its “Start Your Impossible” global campaign as it looks to make up the ground it lost in 2017 to the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance and the Volkswagen Group.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for our team at Toyota to share messages of unity, friendship, diversity and perseverance,” said Ed Laukes, group vice president of Toyota Marketing for Toyota Motor North America. “With the Super Bowl and the Olympics just days apart on NBC, we’re excited to join fans’ enthusiasm for these two world-class events and connect with them by sharing meaningful and inspiring TV spots.”

Good Odds

The first clip, titled “Good Odds”, which was broadcast after kickoff. The uplifting, motivational spot features amputee newborns. One of which follows a baby born with stumps for legs and only one arm, learning to walk, learning to dance and ski with prosthetic limbs.


The ad reveal at the end is that the baby is Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft, who has won ten medals, including eight gold.

“I hope that my story encourages and inspires others around the world to pursue their passions, and reach for their own personal best,” said Woolstencroft in a statement.

One Team

Toyota’s second ad, named “One Team,” focuses on the idea that sports can bring us all together in a “We are the World” kind of way regardless of religious faith, nationality, gender or the color of one’s skin.

Mobility Anthem

Finally, the third spot from Toyota is called “Mobility Anthem” features 100 people spanning every stage in life, from a toddler to an elderly woman being assisted by a Toyota “human support robot.”

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