Toyota Australia Launches Web3 and NFT Experience via R/GA

“If brands are going to continue to generate loyalty from their customers, they need to adapt to new behaviours and opportunities.”

To drive ongoing engagement for customer loyalty, R/GA has helped launch a first-of-its-kind Web3 and NFT experience for Toyota Australia, in collaboration with Rotor Studios and Moonshot.

GR-ID is a beta Web3 and NFT program designed to reward eligible GR Yaris Rallye owners*. Each GR-ID NFT features a unique set of traits that echo the spirit and energy of the GR Yaris Rallye, an iconic hot hatch born from World Rally Cars (WRC). A limited collection of unique NFTs were created, ready to be minted on the blockchain and gifted to members for free, unlocking a range of rewards.

Opening up a new avenue for ongoing engagement to drive loyalty, GR-ID also includes the rare opportunity to ‘evolve’ the NFT’s design and gain a premium reward access level by purchasing a minimum of $300 worth of One Toyota products or services. The first 20 NFT holders to evolve their token scored an exclusive Genuine Stilo© GR-ID personalised Racing Helmet, customised with their NFT number and signed by Australia Rally Championship (ARC) legend Harry Bates.


The beta project had over 25% of available NFTs minted in the first week, with all 20 helmets quickly snapped up by their lucky owners. One third of eligible owners have engaged with the program to date.

R/GA worked closely with Toyota Australia to develop the customer experience strategy and led the brand and web design for the project, following the successful launch of GAZOO RACING CLUB membership program for Toyota in 2021. Rotor handled NFT asset production, while Moonshot led Web3 strategy, website development and blockchain integration.

“If brands are going to continue to generate loyalty from their customers, they need to adapt to new behaviours and opportunities. Toyota is constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with their communities,” said Michael Titshall, CEO, Australia, R/GA.

“So it’s been a pleasure to partner with them to successfully deliver their first ever Web3 and NFT project.”



Client: Toyota Australia
Manager, Digital Experience and Transformation: Berit Kavanagh
Senior Digital Transformation Specialist: Kellie Burmeister (She/Her)
Digital Experience Coordinator: Alysha Magro
Digital and CRM Specialist: Daniel Allison

Creative Agency: R/GA Australia

Creative Director: Anita Forte
Executive Producer: Chris Lee
Executive Technology Director: Ciaran Park
Executive Creative Director: Claire Waring
Associate Creative Director, Experience Design: Cristina Douglas
Senior Visual Designer: Fraser Daniell
Senior Account Director: Harrison Forth
Senior Producer: Lacey Watkins
Senior Copywriter: Leah Morris
Senior Data Analyst: Nicolo Zanellato
Senior Visual Designer: Ryan Winter
Experience Design Director: Yulie Great
CEO: Michael Titshall

Creative Technology & Content Agency: Rotor Studios

Creative Director: Glenn Christensen
Client Services Director: Steve Brann
Lead Producer: Rachel Simpson
Senior 3D artist: Shaun Schellings

Chief Technical Officer: Luke Sandford

Web3 Innovation Lab: Moonshot

Managing Director & Project Lead: Stratton Powell-Hughes
Chief Technical Officer & Project Architecture Lead: Marcos De Sousa
Head of Software Engineering: Eugenio Brito
Co-Founder & Senior Software Engineer: Adriano Nepomuceno
Senior Software Engineer: Waldinar Neto
Senior Software Engineer: Adriano Torres
Senior Quality Assurance: Alan Gomes


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