Tourism New Zealand Drops a Surreal Spot Calling on Aussies to Stop Dreaming About that Holiday

    The campaign is a milestone in a return to quarantine-free travel.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - May 7, 2021
    Tourism New Zealand Drops a Surreal Spot Calling on Aussies to Stop Dreaming About that Holiday

    Tourism New Zealand has launched a funny new spot telling Aussies to hop on a plane and visit. The campaign is the first since the two nations opened quarantine-free travel.

    The 90-second ad highlights the stunning scenery and friendly people of the island nation. From giant kiwis to clap on, clap off daylight, it’s a clever call for action and an important step in the return to quasi-normalcy.

    Special Group Australia teamed up with Tourism New Zealand to create it.

    “We know travelling overseas is one of the most missed activities for Australians, who previously made up 40% of international arrivals to New Zealand .We wanted to remind our friends over in Australia that New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes, wide open spaces, and welcoming people are only a short flight away,” said Declan Malone, marketing lead – Australia for Tourism New Zealand.

    “After being confined to Australia for over a year, Australians everywhere have been dreaming of quarantine free travel, and New Zealand is now ready and waiting. We wanted to create the New Zealand version of that dream, filled with the tone and down-to-earth charm that Kiwis are famous for,” said Tom Martin, CCO and partner, Special Group Australia.

    The campaign will launch in Australia on 6 May and run for 12 weeks across all major channels including Cinema, TV, on demand, OLV, social, radio, digital audio, digital display.


    Client: Tourism New Zealand
    General Manager (Australia) – Andrew Waddel
    Marketing Manager (Australia) – Declan Malone
    Campaign Manager(Australia) – Lauren Kerr
    Global Brand & Content Manager – Jill Chestnut
    Brand & Content Manager – Jaime Reid
    Senior PR Executive (Australia) – Emma Reyes

    Creative Agency: Special Group Australia
    CCO/Partner: Tom Martin
    CCO/Partner: Julian Schreiber
    CEO/Founding Partner: Lindsey Evans
    Founding Partner: Cade Heyde
    Creative: Wayne Ching
    Creative: Alex Antoniou
    Business Director: Rebecca Grant
    Business Manager: Meri Stewart
    Strategy Director: Anna Bollinger
    Strategist: Kellie Box
    Executive Producer: Paul Johnston/ Bill Doig

    Special Group New Zealand
    CEO/CCO: Tony Bradbourne
    Head of Strategy: Rory Gallery
    Creative: Tom Johnson
    Integrated Producer: Sally Lankshear

    Production Company – Finch
    Director – The Bobbsey Twins
    Cinematographer -Ginny Loane NZCS
    Managing Director – Corey Esse
    Executive Producer – Loren Bradley
    Producer – Sarah Cook
    Edit House -Arc Edit
    Editor – Jack Hutchings
    Post Producer – Adriana Arriaga
    Post Production – Blockhead
    Colorist – Dave Gibson
    Online Operator – Richard Betts
    Animator -Blockhead
    VFX Supervisor – Stefan Coory

    Music & Sound: Rumble Studios

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